About clinics.

Adam Road Medical Centre (Former Adam Road Hospital)

Adam Road Medical Centre (ARMC) is a private psychiatric clinic providing outpatient evaluation and treatment ranging from emotional disorders to stress and interpersonal problems. It is staffed by professional psychiatrists, clinical and occupational psychologists, therapists and counsellors.

The clinic was formerly known as Adam Road Hospital which was located at Adam Road. In spite of its name, the Adam Road Medical Centre is now based at King's Arcade building along Bukit Timah Road.

24-hour Clinics

Singapore has over a thousand clinics, however only a small number operate beyond the usual day and night hours. These comprise those that operate up to midnight or till 1-2am in the morning as well as those that operate round-the-clock. The following is a list of clinics that are open 24 hours daily or on extended hours (usually up to 12am midnight).

List of Polyclinics in Singapore

In Singapore, the primary healthcare role is fulfilled by government polyclinics and private clinics. The polyclinics provide subsidised outpatient medical care, health screening and pharmacy services, with some offering dental services as well. The Ministry of Health states that only 20% of primary healthcare is currently provided by the polyclinics versus 80% by private medical practitioners.

There are currently eighteen polyclinics located throughout the island, and these are managed by the two vertically integrated* delivery networks or clusters, National Healthcare Group (NHG) and Singapore Health Services (Singhealth), that were formed in year 2000.

* The two clusters also manage the government's restructured hospitals.