Optometrists & Opticians Act 2007

Monday, February 18, 2008

In July 2007, the Singapore Parliament passed the Optometrists & Opticians Act to regulate the Optometry and Opticianry industry in Singapore. An Optometrists and Opticians Board was set up to perform this function. The Act was slated to come into force on 1 Jan 2008.

Under the Act, all optometrists and opticians needs to be registered with the Board to continue practising as an optician or optometrist in Singapore. The Board will determine and regulate the conduct and ethics of optometrists and opticians, and issue guidelines on standards of practice.

On the education front, courses in optometry and opticianry in Singapore will need to be accredited by the Board for the purposes of registration. Additionally, it will serve to make recommendations to the appropriate authorities for the training and education of optometrists and opticians.

To date, an announcement on the Board's website stated that the commencement of the Act "will be delayed till the end of January 2008". Stay tuned for further updates.