Opinion survey of public hospitals and polyclinics (2007)

Friday, May 9, 2008

The Ministry of Health commissioned a survey on opinions of Singapore's public/restructured hospitals and polyclinics during the later part of last year.

The latest annual Patient Satisfaction Survey, done independently by Media Research Consultants Pte Ltd, tabulated patients' opinions in terms of satisfaction with services, as well as their willingness to recommend those hospitals/clinics to others.

The general overall satisfaction of patients (hospitals and polyclinics) show a marked increase in ratings of "excellent or good" to 76% from 71% in the year before (2006). Ratings of "likely to recommend or strongly recommend" improved from 71% to 77%.


Among hospitals, Alexandra Hospital (AH) continues to rank first (a position it has held for the past 3 years) in terms of patient satisfaction, scoring 83%. KK Hospital (KKH) maintains its second position with 76%, but had to share it with Singapore General Hospital (SGH) which has made a jump from fifth place (65% in 2006).

However, while SGH made an impressive improvement in overall patient satisfaction, its rating in the A&E department fared the worst (57%) among all six hospitals.

The hospital least likely to be recommended was Changi General Hospital (CGH) with 64% "likely to recommend or strongly recommend" it, in contrast to Alexandra Hospital's 82%.


The polyclinics with the best satisfaction ratings ("excellent" or "good") were Pasir Ris, Hougang and Queenstown. Some of the least satisfied patients came from Sengkang Polyclinic and Tampines Polyclinic.