Medisave changes - day surgery withdrawal limit raised

Thursday, August 31, 2006
25 Aug 2006

From 1 December 2006, the day surgery claim limit for the non-surgical component is raised to $200. Here is the abstract of the news release.

In April this year, the Ministry of Health (MOH) raised the daily Medisave inpatient claim limit from $300 to $400. With medical innovation, some previously inpatient-based treatments can now be safely delivered as day surgeries.

Consequential to the increase in the Medisave inpatient daily claim limit from $300 to $400, MOH has decided to raise the day surgery non-surgical component from the current $150 to $200. This will take effect from 1 December 2006. The adjustment is expected to enable 82% (currently 76%) of all subsidized day surgery patients and 46% (currently 30%) of private day surgery patients to be fully covered for their non-surgical component fees.