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Polytechnic to offer University of Manchester optometry degree

The Singapore Polytechnic (SP) is collaborating with the University of Manchester to offer a Bachelor of Science (Hons) in Optometry degree programme under the Ministry of Education's Foreign Specialised Institution (FSI) framework. The full-time degree course will be taught at the polytechnic's campus located in Singapore by SP lecturers and University of Manchester staff. The programme is customised for SP's optometry diploma graduates, according them a one-year advanced standing and thus completion of the degree in as little as two years.

Melamine Contamination of Milk and Food Products

Last updated 29/10/2008 !

Update 29/10/2008

  1. Hong Kong finds melamine in eggs from China
    Starting on 25th October, Hong Kong's food testing authorities have found melamine in eggs from China's Hubei and Liaoning Provinces (scroll down to Hong Kong section below to see full list.)

Update 24/10/2008

  1. Singapore detects melamine in more products
    On 24th October, Singapore's AVA announced found melamine in three(3) China-made products and seventeen(17) Malaysia-made food products. The Malaysian products comprised a slew of Julie brand biscuits/crackers and cookies. As a precautionary measure, all “Julie’s” brand biscuits are required to be withdrawn from the market. {scroll down to Singapore country section below to see full list.}

Opinion survey of public hospitals and polyclinics (2007)

The Ministry of Health commissioned a survey on opinions of Singapore's public/restructured hospitals and polyclinics during the later part of last year.

The latest annual Patient Satisfaction Survey, done independently by Media Research Consultants Pte Ltd, tabulated patients' opinions in terms of satisfaction with services, as well as their willingness to recommend those hospitals/clinics to others.